We have a couple of WCNA updates and a save-the-date notice for an August open webinar:

It takes many, many members to make WCNA possible. Want to help? Sign up for a slot to volunteer here https://go.na.org/e/1004602/2024-05-14/6tgqv9/5954971370/h/mKJj2RBBwanfOWzLAuckF0bcSBbRfptK4OLqhLaS4u4. It can also be found on the convention information page. Please note that you must already be registered or plan to register to volunteer.

After you sign up for a volunteer slot (or slots!), you will receive a confirmation email.

(The software we use to gather the volunteer information and send the confirmation email comes from a company called “Golden.” We are not affiliated with that company, and are unable to change the email footer.)

And guess what?! We’ve got a few more baseball tickets for sale! If you thought you were too late to get to the game — now’s your chance. Nats v Yankees Wednesday night before the convention— get ’em now at https://go.na.org/e/1004602/2024-05-14/6tgqvd/5954971370/h/mKJj2RBBwanfOWzLAuckF0bcSBbRfptK4OLqhLaS4u4. As always—limited number available.

Don’t forget: There is a wealth of convention-related information available on www.na.org/wcna, including a link to upload photos at the bottom of the page. Part of what makes WCNA special is videos and displays illustrating the power of NA around the world. We need your help with this. If you have photos and clips from NA conventions and events please share them!!

If you’re a local NA web servant or involved with listing meeting information, mark your calendar for our next open webinar which will focus on making sure meeting information is easy to find online. The webinar is scheduled for 3 August, 11:00 am–12:30 pm, Pacific Daylight Time (18:00–19:30 GMT). We will send a reminder with a link when it’s closer to the date. You can find flyers for upcoming NAWS webinars, including this one here: www.na.org/webinar.


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